A novel featuring a Chinese doll, a French woman and a flute

29 November 2008

Liyan in the South Pacific

Lyan in the South Pacific is about a Chinese doll, a French woman (me!) and a flute made in Shanghai... they have all sorts of adventures and arguments together, they fall in and out of love, and meet interesting people. It is vaguely erotic at times, sometimes funny, mainly adventurous.

Book 1. takes place in New Zealand
Book 2. takes place in Tahiti!

No photos, text only.

More info on my blog Threefold Twenty
Liyan in the South Pacific, book 2 Polynesia is now available for purchase on the net at blurb.com

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This is not a novel really. It has no plot, no beginning and no end. It is a slice of life, the way it happened, portraying real people. A slice of life set with fantasy. This text is my own bad translation of what I wrote in French between 1996 and 1999.


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